More Valley Jobs In Scottsdale

Study finds 36,000 commute to city…

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – New U.S. Census Bureau data confirms what city leaders have long known: Scottsdale is one of the Valley’s biggest job centers, encouraging people from around the region to commute here each day for work.

Scottsdale imports more workers per capita than any Valley city save for Tempe, the Census Bureau study said. An estimated 36,000 people commute to Scottsdale for work. Tempe lures 59,768.

Third-ranked Phoenix draws the most actual workers: 96,120. But those commuters represent a smaller portion of Phoenix’s resident population than do Scottsdale and Tempe’s commuters.

Scottsdale officials said the high number of commuters was a happy effect of the city’s focus on luring businesses and creating jobs.

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