New Pinnacle Peak Development

North Scottsdale’s Pinnacle Peak has a new gated community coming its way.

Pinnacle Peak Place will put 80 new homes on the 124-acre lot at the northeastern corner of Pima and Happy Valley roads.

The new development sailed through the city’s approval process with no opposition. Even neighbor Henry Becker, who has found it impossible to develop his 95 acres to the south, had no comment.

Pinnacle Peak Desert Land

Developer Pivotal Scottsdale 123 got a break from the 15-foot setbacks required by the city’s Environmentally Sensitive Lands Ordinance because of the location of washes on the terrain.

It was one of nine "hardship exemptions" from the stringent environmental rules submitted to Scottsdale’s planning department this year. Four have been approved, one was withdrawn and four are still being considered.

"We realize that there are situations that make it difficult to build without having some modifications," said city spokeswoman Robin Meinhart. "We intended to acknowledge that this is not a one-size-fits-all approach."

The plan will include openings for wildlife and drainage.

While Pinnacle Peak Place is being built, the eastern and western sections of Happy Valley Road will be lined up where they join at Pima Road. But Desert Highlands Drive, which cuts through the property, will be abandoned as a public street in the Pinnacle Peak area.

Motorists will be able to use new right-turn lanes. An equestrian trail will follow Pima and tie into a trail at Jomax Road to the north and new sidewalks and pathways will front Happy Valley and Desert Highlands.

Another sign that the Pinnacle Peak area is just beginning to boom!

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