4 Fabulous Reasons for Building a Wine Cellar in Your Home

Custom Wine CellarWine lovers can quickly move to being wine collectors with just a few purchases after a vacation of wine tasting. What is the rationale you are giving your loved one for the justification of wanting to build a wine cellar in your home?

Wine cellars can now be conveniently custom-made for affordable prices. Wine racks, other wine storage components, and accessories are readily available in various home improvement stores and online shops. These developments are making wine storage facilities and rooms not solely for the rich wine collectors and restaurant owners. With the many affordable and practical wine storage designs available, these fixtures are now for everyone who wants one.

There are 4 good reasons you can tell your loved one why you should have a wine cellar or a wine room in your home.

  1. Proper Wine Storage. Everyone knows that wine tastes better as it gets older. Well, if you didn’t, now you do! But not too many people are aware that it actually depends on the way it is stored. A great collection of wine deserves a cool, storage place which in Phoenix, Arizona you don’t have those types of areas in the summertime which is why proper cooling fixtures may be needed.The most efficient way of storing these spirited drinks are by keeping the bottles in a horizontal position. This prevents sediments from settling down which affects the taste of the wine. Another logical reason behind wines stocked up horizontally is to keep the cork moist. When the cork is too dry after long storage, there is a great possibility that the bottle’s mouth will break upon opening.
  2. Entertainment. Some people want to have a wine room, cellar or rack solely for entertainment. There are homeowners who simply want to impress their guests and visitors and be able to enjoy one of their favorite hobbies. The design must be superb complete with refrigeration or air-conditioning facilities and matching upholstery for maximum entertainment.
  3. Convenience. Being a wine lover turned collector means that you will always have wine available to drink when you want to open up a bottle. If you buy a bottle of wine that needs a few years to mature, you are actually saving money by buying it early and properly storing it until it’s ready to be consumed. See? Thinking of your wallet here!
  4. Added Value for Your Home. Wine is a huge industry and growing every year by leaps and bounds. Having a wine cellar in your home when you get ready to sell is a specialty item that can add value to the property. The design doesn’t have to very luxurious and costly. It only has to be smart, making the most of extra spaces in the interior of your home. A simple, space-saving wine rack fixed in the kitchen area can make your kitchen an attraction. You can also use other spaces like the basement, attics, or part of a closet.

Whether you are a wine lover or not, wine racks and cellars are great additions to have in your homes. These are not only for storing valuable collection or entertaining guests but also adding value to your property.

Author: Kristi Davis is the Interactive Marketing Manager for Wine Cellar Innovations and loves seeing new wine racks installed in residential homes and commercial wine stores. Browse through our wine cellar photo gallery for your own inspiration. Follow her on Twitter and see what’s new in the wine industry.

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