Rio Verde Foothills “Rural” Plan

Residents of Rio Verde, the unincorporated county island in North Scottsdale (one of Central Arizona’s last true equestrian communities) are looking to maintain the area’s rural character and hope they can continue to fend off mass, cookie cuuter type development as urban sprawl moves its way over the next 15 years.  The Rio Verde Community started as a horse owners paradise and residents do not want to see this change now change, or in the future.

View Of Rio Verde Foothills

Maricopa County is establishing a guidebook called the Rio Verde Foothills Area Plan, which sets out guidelines for development in the area.  Residents are speaking out loud and hoping that Rio Verde developers adhere to these principles.

This guidebook for Rio Verde is still in development with one final public meeting scheduled for early June, 2005 before its final draft and eventual release to the public as an official document.

This couldn’t have come at a better time considering the the Rio Verde Foothills area is projected to grow from 1,800 residents in 2003 to 6,700+ in 2020.

Rio Verde Foothills, Arizona

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