Scottsdale Downtown Highrise Proposal

Two towers in new downtown Scottsdale proposal, an article from the East Valley Tribune, reports that Scottsdale’s new downtown plan proposal would allow Westcor and Scottsdale Healthcare to build towers approaching the height of the Scottsdale Waterfront condos.

The buildings would be an estimated 110 to 132 feet tall. Also included in the plans is the expansion of the downtown boundaries in three locations, giving greater zoning flexibility in allowing up to 65-foot tall residences or a 72-foot high hotel closer to established residences. According to Westcor and Scottsdale Healthcare, they will involve the community in whatever plans they pursue.



One Response to “Scottsdale Downtown Highrise Proposal”

  1. hypotheque (1 comments) on May 27th, 2008 8:45 am:

    I support the highrise proposal. The city view of Scottsdale left me a deep impression. I like this city very much. Proper high building will make the city more charming and more particular.