Scottsdale Expands Trolley Routes

In April 2008 Scottsdale will launch an extension of its neighborhood circulator trolley, one of two permanent routes along with the city’s downtown trolley service.

The new Map of the new Scottsdale Trolley Routroute will connect with Tempe’s EARTH circulator, the Vista Del Camino Center and Park, schools, apartments, a mobile home community, Yavapai Park and General Dynamics.

The current neighborhood route ends at the Granite Reef Senior Center.

The expansion will go south from the senior center to Roosevelt and head west past Scottsdale Road. It will head north along 70th Street and 68th Street before reaching Osborn Road and traveling west to the Paiute Center. It will then turn around on Osborn Road and head to the Loloma Transit Station on Second Street between Goldwater Boulevard and Marshall Way.

The new route is set to start in April, but an official start date has not been set, said Scottsdale transportation spokesman Jim McIntyre. The dates and times of operation also will be announced at a later date. There is no cost to ride the trolleys.


One Response to “Scottsdale Expands Trolley Routes”

  1. Carlos in San Diego (1 comments) on March 18th, 2008 10:00 pm:

    This is interesting information about the trolley. We are really expanding our trolley system in San Diego and it has really helped but it also seems like they can’t keep up with the growth we are experiencing in San Diego!