Silverstone Approved By Scottsdale

Rawhide Main EntryIt has recently been announced that the Scottsdale city council voted unanimously to approve zoning changes for the 160-acre former Rawhide site at Scottsdale and Pinnacle Peak Roads for a new planned community called Silverstone.

Cowboy HatThe community will include a health care facility, residences, a public library, offices and commercial areas. Silverstone will have 976 housing units and an assisted living facility that will rise 45 feet.

The developer of Silverstone, RHVT Limited Partnership, will be responsible for widening several roads in the area due to the increased traffic the project will generate in the North Scottsdale area that it is located in.

Rawhide CampfireThough many of us already miss Rawhide, it was time for it to move. The allure used to be that it was far from town, "out in the desert". For the past ten years or so, so many new homes and commercial developments had grown around it, it had lost much of its charm.

Rawhide TrainI remember riding the train "out in the desert" and feeling scared when I was a child. The last time my family and I went, on their final day which was Halloween 2005, we rode the train and were amazed at all the city lights (from nearby homes) that we could see. It was definately time to say goodbye to the Rawhide we knew and loved while growing up here in Central Arizona.

Now, the area is slated for this new, and appropriate, North Scottsdale development named Silverstone. I wish the best of luck to the developer and all the new home owners to come. -Matt Pellerin

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